Thursday, August 18, 2011


Hello all! It has been awhile since I posted pictures of the family, so I thought that it would be fun to do a summer post. :)

The weather here in Washington has been very interesting this summer. It seems that every other state has had very hot weather, whereas we're having the opposite. But, whatever the weather is, we can still praise the Lord for a new day! And this past week has been absolutely beautiful!

I want to start by sharing some pictures that my sister, Ariana, took. I love to show-off her pictures, since I think she's so talented with nature photography!

We took a trip to Mount St. Helens on a beautiful, sunny day.

The view was gorgeous!

Charity has become quite the cook! :)

One of her new favorite things to do is ride on "boat"

She is such a joy to have in our family!

The Lord has blessed us with living on a lake for a season and being able to enjoy such incredible views....

...and beautiful rhododendrons!

Our pets sure have become water-dogs

My dad's parents were able to fly out here this summer, which was so wonderful! (By the way, doesn't my grandpa look sweet in aviators?!) ;)

And then, we celebrated Ari's birthday...

...and my graduation. (Picture taken by Keilah Engstrom)

My other grandparents graciously flew Ari and I back to MI for a couple weeks, which was so much fun! It was so great to spend time with friends and family!

Grandma and I

This past weekend, our family visited Mt. Rainier. It was breathtaking!

This was a weird flower we clue what it is.