{About Me}

Hello and welcome to this little scratch pad of mine.

It's funny - this page called "about me". Because truth be told, it really isn't about me at all.

The things I write about, the person I am, my reason for living is all wrapped up in a single word: Jesus. He pursued this rebel daughter of His and captured her heart forever. I don't deserve life or breath or the saving grace of my Savior. I wander away from Him and lose sight of His mercy daily.

I struggle with negativity.

I'm disgusted by how many of my motives are rooted in pride.

I find myself hurting the ones I love the most because of my selfishness.

Yeah, that list could go on and on. But that's the reason the Good News is so great! He has traded my life of rebellion for His life of perfection. And in spite of it all, my Savior continues to love and pursue me. He is slowly, surely sanctifying this unruly daughter of His. What scandalous love. His strength is made perfect in my weakness. What beautiful grace.

This is His life now, His story. The story of a great sinner and an even greater Savior.

Join me on this adventure called life. I've lived 21 years of it and can't wait to see all that He has in store. Though I don't know what's ahead, I know that through all the joys and trials and victories and failures, He is good. Always good.


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