Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Year of Blessing

One year ago today, I met my little sister for the first time.

After much anticipation, tears, and prayers, I finally held Charity in my arms. For those of you who have adopted, you will understand the incredible reality that this child who you only saw pictures of for a year and a half (or however long it was for you) is actually real and is now a part of your family...forever!

I can still remember the uncertainty and newness of the adoption, knowing that this stranger was my sister and wondering if she would ever accept me as hers.

Now that Charity has been a part of our family for a year, it seems like she's always been with us.

This has been a year of growth, not only for Charity, but for the whole family. She has learned to walk, use sign language to communicate basic needs and wants, understand the English language, say words like "up," "all done," "good job," "purple," "yes," many more, and has gone from eating formula to pretty much anything. Lately, she has been mimicking almost everything we do! It is so cute!

It has definitely not been a perfect year though....adopting has its challenges as well as its joys. :) When we first adopted her, Charity went through a time of disobeying almost everything we asked her to do. Especially since she has Down Syndrome, she has a very strong will! Over time, she has learned to obey daddy and mommy. On the other hand, we have been able to experience the joy of teaching and training Charity and seeing her grow. It has been wonderful for Ariana and I because we have the practice of taking care of a toddler before we get married and have children of our own.

Yes, there are napless afternoons, certain health challenges because of her Down Syndrome, and days where the schedule is not always perfect, but we can find great blessing in all of it.

Charity is so special to us and brings our family so much joy! Her darling belly laugh, melting smile, and joyful attitude are priceless!

Thank you Lord for the blessing that Charity has been to us over this past year! Lord Jesus, watch over and protect this priceless jewel. As she grows up, may you work in her, convict her of sin, and save her soul. May she live her life for you and may she be a bright light in this dark world. Thank you for both the challenges and joys that she brings. Bless her Lord and thank you that you brought her into our family a year ago today. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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