Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pistikos Nardos - A Poem

Oh Jesus Christ, my Savior
bring Your fire, bring Your rain.
Burn away the dross of self-life,
'til Your life alone remains.

I want nothing more, oh Jesus
than to have a single eye.
Looking always for Your smile;
Your desire, my delight.

But how oft I am distracted;
pulled away by worthless things.
I grieve and spit upon the face
that bled and died for me!

So captivate me Jesus!
Make me ever, only Yours!
I am nothing on my own, Lord
come and take Your rightful throne.

I surrender all to Thee, O Christ;
my life is not my own.
My eyes, my mouth, my hands, my feet
are now, oh Jesus, Yours!

Burden me, Beloved King
to feel Your anguished heart.
Cleave my hand to the spiritual sword
for the voiceless one in dark.

Ever, onward, upward
soldier, will you now repine?
Your loving Savior grants you
grace sufficient for the fight.

May the cross be e'er before me,
leaving all to follow Thee.
For the Lamb alone is worthy!
May the world see Him in me.


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