Sunday, January 10, 2010

Washington...our new home...possibly Part 1

Where to begin?

Well, it all started about a year ago when I read the book "Do Hard Things" by Alex and Brett Harris.

The book was so life-changing that my mom wanted to know where they went to church. She found that Gregg Harris, their dad is the pastor of Household of Faith Community Church in Gresham, Oregon. As my mom watched the videos online that explain what the church is about, she sat there with tears streaming in awestruck silence, knowing that this is the church we had been looking for! At the same time though, she was disappointed, knowing that the church was all the way across the country. Yet, she knew that if God wanted us in Oregon, He could and would change the hearts of the rest of the family. So, she entrusted it to God, continuing to pray for His will to be done.

The Lord had already been moving our family quite a bit.

Back in the spring of 2009, the Lord had been prompting my dad for a few months to sell our house. However, we had no idea why. We loved it and also knew the housing market was awful. Yet, my dad wanted to stop fighting the Lord in this area and start being obedient. We put a little "for sale by owner" sign out in the front yard, but nothing in front of our development. No one knew our house was for sale, unless they came into our neighborhood. We believed that if this was God's will for our family to move, He would bring the buyer.

We were amazed when He brought the buyer within 10 days of putting the sign up. At this point, we knew we were on an adventure of faith. We knew that we wanted to live solely on His leading, so we prayed as we were wondering where He would want us to live. With a week left
before we had to be out of our house and with many friends and family members stressed out for us, the Lord provided our neighbor's house, which was vacant. After we asked him, our neighbor allowed us to rent it from him.

As we were in this house, my family along with some of my "do hard things" buddies went to the Do Hard Things Conference. Not only did Alex and Brett Harris speak, but their dad, Mr. Gregg Harris did as well.
The whole thing was amazing!

After going there, my dad wanted to know more about the Gregg Harris family. He then was ready to watch the videos about the Household of Faith Church. He was awestruck about everything that this church believed and stood for. It was what our family had been talking about for years, a New Testament church. My dad told us that he would love to be a member of that church, but moving across the country was out of the question...besides he had a job, and we were in the middle of an adoption which was started before we moved.

Part 2 coming soon...

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