Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pictures of our First Sunday at HOFCC

My dear friend Keilah (one of the girls from our church) emailed me the pictures from the first Sunday we went to HOFCC, a couple weeks ago. Thank you Keilah for allowing us to use your excellent camera! By the way, Ari is not in many of the pictures because she wanted to take the pictures. :) Here are some of the pictures that she emailed me.

#1: Keilah and Ari

#2: Keilah and I

#3: Me, Abbie, Keilah, and Mason

#4: Silly shot...

#5: Group shot with me, Keilah, Keenan, Caleb, Benjamin, and Abbie

#6: Swinging Abbie round and round...she's so cute!

#7: Me, Keilah, and Sarah

#8: Silly group shot! :)

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