Thursday, June 10, 2010

May Update

Recently, we have been hiking up mountains, exploring waterfalls, and learning more about our beloved state. Since I haven't posted an update in quite a while, I'll try to get you all up-to-date on the happenings in May. Warning: This will be a rather long post full of pictures. :)

Our Hike up Little Si:
For me, this was my first hike up a mountain in Washington. Ari, Charity, and my mom had already hiked Little Si while I was at a conference with friends.

I carried Charity on my back on the way down.

I thought this was a cool picture of the view looking up.

One thing that we have discovered from hiking up a couple mountains has been the ginormous size of snails in Washington. Yes, this one is trying to eat a flower.

This one was about 4 inches long.

Yay! We reached the top!

This was just one of the gorgeous views from the top.

When my mom was bringing the dog outside a couple weeks ago, she saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky. I have only seen a full rainbow a couple times in my life, so this was really amazing! Not only was it a full rainbow, but there was a very faint double rainbow above it. Unfortunately, it doesn't show in the pictures because it was so faint.

This was the brightest part in the rainbow.

Update on Charity:
I thought I would give a brief update on Charity, along with some pictures. She is doing wonderfully and is such a smart little girl! She can now say shoes, outside, and cheese. Pretty random words, but it's still really cute! Her favorite foods are watermelon, pizza, bananas, and of course, ice cream. Definitely a Johnson....

A couple weeks ago, Charity started to get spots on her stomach and had a very high fever, sometimes reaching to 103 degrees. My mom looked it up online and found that she had Roseola. Thankfully, it wasn't serious and just went away in a week or so.

This is a picture of Charity when she had Roseola.

Even though it may look like it, Boo (the dog) is not jumping at the camera...he's actually standing on the couch. My mom was taking pictures of Charity, when Boo jumped on the couch and stood right in front of the camera. Such a camera hog...

Charity loves to play with our cellphone, pretending to talk. It's so cute to hear her blabber to herself, mimicking what she sees us do.

Charity feeds herself at breakfast now. She does a great job, but makes a bit of a mess in the process.

This is her, "I just woke up" look.

Sometimes, the paparazzi is just too much.

Isn't she so cute?!

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  1. Wow! I am so excited for you to be seeing many many more rainbows. We get them VERY often here. ;cD

    Oh my goodness! That picture of Boo is so funny!

    and Chairity in the bath tub- SO cute!