Friday, June 11, 2010

Pictures of our New House

Hello everyone! I know that I had originally thought I would have the pictures of our new house up on the blog by this past Sunday. Forgive me, those of you who I promised that to.
These are the long-awaited pictures of our new house. We are renting, but were allowed to paint whatever we wanted, which ended up being everything. :-)

Note: Many of the pictures look as if the paint colors we picked are really bright. The colors really aren't that bright.

Dining Room/Kitchen:
Sorry about the mess. This was when we had just moved in, so we were still trying to sort through everything. Yes, this is a picture of just the kitchen.


Living Room:


Main Bathroom/Ari and My Bathroom:

Front Room (In other words, this is the room you see when you come through the front door. Don't be confused with the door you saw in the kitchen...that's the door leading to the garage.)



Hallway from the living room into the bathroom (first left), my parent's bedroom (last right), my dad's office, and our bedroom (last left). If I was really computer savvy, I would have arrows pointing to which door led to which room, but I'm hopefully, you understood what I just said. :-)
Wow, the camera really messed up the color of the red paint. It looks more like magenta...

My parent's bedroom and bathroom:

This is their bathroom. The shower is right behind the camera.

My Dad's Office:

I would show pictures of this room, but it's not quite done yet. There's still a lot of stuff to go through before it's presentable. My dad is actually working at an office, not out of the home right now.

Ari and My Bedroom:

You can't see the whole bedroom because of the width of the camera lens, but this is the main view.

Also, I need your help. Ari and I are still trying to decide how we want our window treatment, so if you could vote on which one you like the best, it would be much appreciated! Thanks!

#1: Traditional Flow

#2: One Drape Intertwined

#3: Both Drapes Intertwined


  1. Makenna! YOu have a blog! I'm so glad I found it! How and where are you? (I guess I could read back in time on your blog and see if I can figure it out!) I love your new place. You guys have some serious decorating skills! Oh, I like the first window treatment best for your room. Just he straight up curtains. Tell your family hi for me!

  2. You guys did such a great job!!! It looks totally like you guys!! i can see how your beadspread looks like that pillow i have. it's awesome! i think that the 1st picture of the curtains the best. And so does my mom :) Oh ya, I was wondering where Charity sleeps?

  3. Leah: Thank you! If you look in the second picture of my parent's bedroom, you'll see a little part of Charity's crib. :-)

    Mrs. Thiry: Really? I had emailed you a few months ago with my blog address and the news that we were moving to Washington state. Unfortunately, I guess you didn't get it. Sorry!!! Thanks! Yes, my mom is the decorator! She's amazing at it!

    Thank you both for commenting!!!

  4. Hah! that's funny. I had written you after I received your birth announcement for Charity, but I never heard back. I guess it got lost in cyberspace or something. Well, I'm glad to be back in contact. Where in WA are you living? You know I was born and raised there in Spokane, WA!