Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Song and a Quote

Words fail me right now. I simply don't know what to say; my mind cannot put to paper the thoughts contained in my heart. And, as usually happens when I have no words, a song comes to mind and expresses what I don't know how to say myself.

Right now, that song is called Only Jesus by Sovereign Grace. It is so beautiful and has both challenged and encouraged me over the past couple weeks. I hope you enjoy it as well! May it be the prayer of our hearts!

Father of grace, You’ve sacrificed
Your only Son for us, the crucified Jesus
Enlarge our hearts to love Your Son
O grant to us the grace to walk with Him always
To make Him our great delight
Bringing worship with our lives

Only Jesus! Only Jesus!
Give us Jesus, we cry
Only Jesus! Only Jesus!
The Pearl of greatest price

Spirit of grace, You’ve shed Your light
Upon our darkened eyes, unveiling Jesus Christ
Come change our hearts, conform our ways
To honor Jesus’ Name, His glory our refrain
Let His love compel our own
As we worship at His throne

Jesus, our great Savior,
Lord of heaven, Son of God

Also, I read a quote the other day that I wanted to share. Take time to ponder over it...

"We should live each day as if Christ had died yesterday, rose again this morning, and is coming again tomorrow."
~Dr. Maclaren

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  1. Yes, yes, YES! I love this song so much! Thank you for sharing.

    Only Jesus!!