Tuesday, March 6, 2012

February Trips~

February was a very busy month! During the first week, my family and I were in Florida, enjoying a family reunion at Disney World. Two weeks later, my dad and I were in Texas, attending a business meeting and touring the Lone Star State. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

By the way, the trips are displayed in the opposite order. I downloaded the Disney trip pictures first, not even thinking about what order they should be in. It's a rather long process to drag pictures on Blogger, so I'm just going to post them as they are. :)

Texas Trip:
A couple months ago, I started working for my dad as his secretary, taking over some of his basic jobs and helping to keep him organized. It has been a wonderful learning process and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Back at the beginning of the year, my dad found out that there was going to be a sales meeting in February, so he decided to take me along for training. The meetings went well, but my favorite part about the trip was being able to spend some one-on-one time with my dad. He is such a blessing to me!

One of the tourist stops we made was to Zilker Botanical Gardens. We didn't have much time to see them, so we rushed through and enjoyed what we did get to see.

My dad, falling into a well ;)

This was a real window from a mansion, which had been destroyed. They saved the window and gave it to the park.

Bamboo Forest

This was at the top of Mount Bonnell. It's actually not a mountain. You just have to climb some stairs to reach the top. The view was gorgeous!

The view from our hotel balcony! It was stunning!

The view from the balcony at night. Such a gorgeous sunset!

My favorite tourist spot that we visited was The Alamo. I love history, so it was such a blessing to be able to go somewhere I had previously learned about. By the way, this picture is just of the gift store...in case anyone was wondering. :)

Me standing at the back entrance to the Alamo.

Yes, there it is. Isn't it beautiful?

It was a very warm day in San Antonio, and my dad graciously treated me to some ice cream. Mmm...it hit the spot!

And of course, we had to stop at the local Goodwill to see what they had. :)

Disney World
For their 40th wedding anniversary, my grandparents graciously decided to take the whole family on a trip to Disney World. We had a wonderful time, catching up with the family, as well as enjoying the Disney experience.

There's the whole crew...with Donald Duck. :)

This baby elephant was so cute!

Ariana and I in front of the Epcot ball (I forgot the ball's name).

Princess Charity

Such a good daddy...

Ariana loves anything Chinese, so she was ecstatic when we went to "China" in Epcot.

Okay, I know this picture is kind of weird, but I was trying to quickly take a picture before the ride ended, when suddenly the little ride turned a corner. Hence, the strained expressions. :)

Cousins! They were so cute together!

This was made out of Legos!

Enjoying some cuddle time with grandpa

I thought this display was really fun!

Hanging out...

Both of these trips were great fun, but more importantly, they were incredible times of learning. The Lord used the busyness of it all to point me to my need for Him. It is one thing to learn to abide in Him at home, but quite another in the chaos and busyness of the world. It is something I still need to learn! At the time, it was a painful learning experience, but looking back, it is so sweet that the Lord used my weaknesses and shortcomings to draw me closer to Himself!


  1. Thank you for sharing the pictures, Makenna...it was so neat to get to share a bit of your trip through them. ;)
    Hope you are having a wonderful day,


  2. Oh how fun! Thank you for sharing those pictures!
    That one of you in the window? I couldn't help but notice that it looked like a key hole. <3
    Also, I loved seeing more pictures of you at the Alamo! It's fun to think that I was there mere hours before you!
    Love you!