Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our Journey to Washington: Day 4

It is 10:15 pm as I write this post, sitting in the parking lot of the Bozeman, Montana Walmart Supercenter. My dad and mom are in bed with Charity and Ari is getting ready for bed. I thought I would write a quick update on our fourth day's adventures before I go to bed.

For the most part, all we did was drive. We were planning on visiting Yellowstone National Park today, but didn't go because of the weather. (The weather forecast said it was supposed to snow, with temperatures of around 33 degrees.) If the weather is better tomorrow, we will visit Yellowstone. Anyway, we drove through Wyoming and into Montana today....we are almost to Washington!

The fun thing about driving through Montana was that we saw our first real snow-capped mountains....beautiful!!! Here are some pictures of them...just like the pictures of the Badlands though, they do not do justice!

#1: This was our first view of some "real" mountains! The clouds were partly covering them, which gave the mountains an awe-inspiring look.

#2: Another look at the beautiful mountains that God has created!

#3: This picture was taken with a house and some cows in the seemed like a picture of the Montana life.

#4: I loved how the river was in front of the mountains in this picture!

#5: This picture was taken from the Walmart parking lot. The mountains were all around us...a spectacular sight!!!

Sorry I didn't have much of an interesting update today. Tomorrow, I'll post some more pictures of the family, instead of just mountains. :)

Prayer Requests:
  • Nice weather so we could visit Yellowstone, if that's the Lord's will
  • Continued help with motion sickness
Answer to Prayer:
  • Ari and I are doing much better with motion sickness


  1. Hi honey! Hopefully the snow has passed and you'll be able to get to Yellowstone. We're going to get the snowy weather this weekend when the temps drop from the high 50's to the low 30's. What a great way to welcome spring!! Your mom says everything is going great and everyone is having a super time looking at the landscape. I'm looking forward to seeing it myself this summer.
    You can let everyone know that "Hank" left this morning and is on his way west. He should probably arrive just after all of you do.
    Have a super time and know that we miss all of you!

  2. WOW again! That first picture has some great color in it!

    Yep: those pictures feel like home to me!